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How do you know that you need a Dental Filling?

 How do you know that you need a Dental Filling?

May 18, 2022

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A dental filling procedure helps restore damaged teeth using a tooth-colored filling. If tooth decay has caused damage to your teeth, a dental filling procedure could help eliminate the problem of minor damage due to the cavity. Various symptoms tell you that your teeth need a filling. This blog will discuss five signs that suggest your teeth need a dental filling. 


Pain is the most common symptom, suggesting a need for dental filling. Some feel intense pain due to tooth sensitivity while consuming hot or cold drinks. It indicates that the tooth has decayed. A cavity is the primary cause of tooth sensitivity. So if intense toothache or pain is bothering you, consult your nearest dentist in Ballwin, who may suggest dental filling for you. 

Bleeding While Brushing Or Flossing

Does your gum or teeth bleed while brushing or flossing? If yes, it's time you head for a dental visit and ask for a dental filling. However, oral infections such as periodontal disease can also cause gums bleeding. Other reasons include tooth decay or gingivitis. A careful oral examination by the Ballwin dentist may be required to determine whether the problem can be cured through dental filling or not. 


Bad breath is also known as halitosis. A bad breath can also indicate that something is not right in your mouth. It can be a sign of a cavity or an underlying disease. Cavities can result in teeth damage, including the development of smaller holes within the teeth. The larger the hole becomes, an increased amount of food particles will be accumulated within the hole. It may thus cause bad breath. A dental filling can fix the problem if the holes are smaller. 

Stained Teeth

A tooth may become brittle, and it could be even chipped off due to cavities. The best way to understand the presence of cavities is to notice the changes in the color of your teeth. A dental filling may be the perfect solution if you have slightly discolored or stained teeth. 

Sensitivity While Eating Sugary Foods

If your teeth are affected due to cavities, then you can feel sensitivity on those teeth while eating sugary foods. Therefore if mild pain is bothering you while eating candies or sugary foods, then wait no more in visiting a dentist in Ballwin to check for cavities within the teeth. The Ballwin dentist will check whether the dental problem can be fixed using a dental filling. 

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