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Why is professional fluoride treatment essential?

Why is professional fluoride treatment essential?

April 15, 2022

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Many people say whether getting a fluoride treatment is necessary or not. We get fluoride from the water we drink and through several food items that consist of this mineral. Then what is the importance of getting a professional fluoride treatment? Many buy toothpaste that has adequate fluoride. Aren't these measures enough? 

Fluoride Essential For Prevention of Tooth Decay 

We likely get fluoride treatment from the water and food we eat. It also plays a vital role in the prevention of tooth decay. However, the problem is that we may not be getting it in sufficient quantities. The acids present within the mouth also erodes these minerals from the enamel. Therefore you must ensure proper fluoride within your mouth to prevent tooth decay. There can be situations in which specific health conditions can cause loss of enamel and tooth decay, even if you are getting enough fluoride regularly. During such instances, an additional fluoride intake becomes necessary for preventing good oral health. 

For children above six years, getting a fluoride treatment can keep bacteria at bay. It is when they start losing their baby teeth, and the eruption of permanent teeth occurs. Recent studies have suggested that more adults benefit from professional fluoride treatment. Diseases could include gum disease, cavities, and dry mouth conditions. When the patient has gum disease, exposure of the tooth and root to bacteria in the mouth may happen, thus increasing the possibility of getting affected with tooth decay. 

If you are suffering from cavities and visiting the dentist in Ballwin at least once a year, the presence of additional fluoride can help such individuals. For those suffering from dry mouth conditions, it may become difficult for the food particles to get washed away from the teeth. Thus the food debris stays within the mouth, thus becoming a growing ground for bacteria. The dry mouth condition further prevents the neutralization of bacteria from occurring. Thus these processes together lead to tooth decay. 

Check the best dentist in Ballwin offering professional fluoride treatment. It can help keep your teeth and gums healthy. 

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